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BIRTHDAY PARTY! Opening 300 Pokemon Packs for Charizard! (Live Stream)

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  • 게시일 2021. 03. 22.
  • In today's stream I'm unpacking 300 Pokemon packs of Shining Fates looking for the ultra rare Secret Charizard VMAX cards!
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  • Caleb O brien

    Happy birthday TJ keep up the good work and thanks for the content

  • NickM Gaming

    HAPPY BIRTHDAY TG! All the best hope you got what you wanted.

  • Matias Pascual

    You always make our day better

  • Jay
    Jay 21 일 전 +6

    Happy birthday TG you already make my day a good day keep up all the good work I like what you're doing

  • Eddie and freinds

    You are such a legend for spending your time on us 🥳🥳🥳🥳🥳🥳😊

  • Elias Kashou

    You always make me happy whenever you stream please keep doing it hope you got what you want

  • Aayden Jimenez

    Happy birthday typical gamers I hope you had a good day

  • Redblocks

    Keep your good content up

  • LoganPlaysPC
    LoganPlaysPC 년 전 +34

    Happy birthday TG, hope you had a great one my man

  • R33D Hoops and games

    Great video btw the amount of eeve's you got at the beginning was crazy

  • Craig Marduk
    Craig Marduk 년 전 +47

    Happy Birthday big man, appreciate your positive vibes

  • Pi four
    Pi four 14 일 전 +4

    Happy birthday 🥳🥳🥳 Your the best KRclipr I’ve ever watched

  • David Barilla

    Happy birthday typical gamer I really love your channel And I love when

  • Manny Oso
    Manny Oso 년 전 +40

    Happy birthday bud! To life’s little things and the ones who appreciate it🥂

  • Dragon_Gaming

    Happy birthday bro you earned it and I hope you pull a charizard

  • Nathan Hartley

    I love your videos they always make people happy and happy birthday TG

  • Damian Hauschultz
    Damian Hauschultz 년 전 +116

    Happy for you and thanks for more varied content such as these pack openings

  • Griselda Gutierrez

    He is the best I love how he spends time just for us

  • Dizo
    Dizo  +11


  • Benson Kamau

    Happy birthday bro and good luck in opening cards. And hopefully you find charizard👏💌