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  • 게시일 2022. 08. 19.
  • Download SUPER PEOPLE for free on PC! ggcont.me/3dhj63W
    SUPER PEOPLE is a battle royale shooter developed by Wonder People that will revolutionize how you think about the genre. In SUPER PEOPLE, players jump into the shoes of incredible super soldiers each with their own unique skills and ultimates.
    In today's stream I'm playing Fortnite and then the new game SUPER PEOPLE!
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댓글 • 602

  • 1nonly.
    1nonly.  +9

    Super people looks so sick can’t wait to try

  • Sir Jayslayer

    I remember when you did GTA content, good times


    Loved the stream. Always fun to try new games. TG can make any game entertaining. Peace and love.

  • Krakened
    Krakened  +10

    always fun when you play with samara

    KING KAGE  +10

    Please play more super people you are making my day and entertaining me a lot

  • Ragnar Lund Petersen

    This was a good stream. Do this more

  • Gatis Auzins

    So typical of this guy to post great content

  • Old Clips

    I'm new, and when I saw your stream, I was blow away. So, I can't wait for more livestreams in the future and now I will sub! Bye!

  • Thug  nugget
    Thug nugget 28 일 전

    Loved the stream ❤️❤️

  • xbeast
    xbeast  +5

    tg more super people its looks so sick,!! keep it up tg love your content!

  • Trap God

    I actually can't get over how bad the lightsabre is now... way too underpowered

  • Tropicaya


  • Jay Beat

    Love your stuff keep it up!

  • julie hall

    Nice stream tg

  • Allen Garza

    Of course any new game you play has to be sponsored right TG

  • Linda Kawira

    It is very enjoyable.

  • Mason Style

    Awesome live stream

  • funny

    Just want say thank u for being my inspiration when I was I kid ur videos were the best to get me thru some sad times .now I would like to start my journey as a streamer soon and be inspirational and funny thanks

  • Myles Coke

    I really like when he plays Fortnite for a little while then he play another game he should play Fortnite then more multiversus more often loved it

  • Mystery ASMR

    Whoever's reading this, i pray that whatever you're going through gets better and whatever you're struggling with or worrying about is going to be fine and that everyone has a fantastic time! Amen 🙏