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New Fortnite SEASON 4 Teasers are HERE! Duo Cash Cup w/ Quinn!

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  • 게시일 2022. 09. 02.
  • New Fortnite Chapter 3, Season 3 duo cash cup tournament live stream!
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댓글 • 264

  • BlingBlingDaBunny
    BlingBlingDaBunny 21 일 전 +37


  • Mk Monika
    Mk Monika 21 일 전 +8

    Dude, I am dead if I don't see TG's epic streams daily MAN!!!!!!

  • Kevin Bellen
    Kevin Bellen 21 일 전 +2

    Quinns a good dude, man, always positive vibes. Enjoy watching you guys a lot!

  • Ejgames_andmore
    Ejgames_andmore 21 일 전 +8

    Hi tg I really love the streams that start at around 9: 30 maybe could you do more of those

  • RockemBoppers
    RockemBoppers 21 일 전 +2

    That was no cap TG that work you did at 27 mins was fire!!!

  • Richard Hoareau
    Richard Hoareau 21 일 전

    Hey tg I love your video keep up the good work

  • Omnipotent Lenny
    Omnipotent Lenny 21 일 전 +1

    really fun stream tonight!

  • Samantha Murray
    Samantha Murray 21 일 전

    I really like ur vids so much ur a legend:)

  • Lydia
    Lydia 21 일 전

    Nice 😊 you guys are doing great 👍🏿

  • gate access
    gate access 21 일 전 +2


  • Monika Sabherwal
    Monika Sabherwal 21 일 전 +1

    You are so good keep up the good work

  • Tyler Sell
    Tyler Sell 21 일 전

    Man watching you guys build stresses me out 😄 that's why I main no build lol I wouldn't stand a chance

  • Ched Mountain
    Ched Mountain 21 일 전

    You're the best streamer in the world typical gamer

  • unhapiy
    unhapiy 21 일 전 +3


  • Anwesh Acharya
    Anwesh Acharya 21 일 전 +2

    Can everyone agree how much effort this guy puts to make videos/streams to entertain us❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️😁😁😁

  • Mason Salter
    Mason Salter 일 전

    TG u r my favorite youtuber

  • Tanay Crowfoot
    Tanay Crowfoot 21 일 전 +1

    I love your videos they are amazing

  • tubers93coolkid1x1x1x1


  • Lorato Obuseng
    Lorato Obuseng 21 일 전

    i love your videos do a lot more

  • Keirin Davis
    Keirin Davis 21 일 전

    Good stream