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New FORTNITE x DRAGON BALL SUPER Update! Winning in Solos!

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  • 게시일 2022. 08. 15.
  • New Fortnite Chapter 3, Season 3 Dragon Ball Super update gameplay live stream!
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댓글 • 492

  • Matthew Abreu

    Nice video TG! Keep up the good work man!

  • lil OMG
    lil OMG  +149

    On the next episode of dragon ball z: goku cranks 90s on renegade raider while jiren gets boxxed like a fish.

  • Naruto Nathansan

    Enjoy your stream TG great job love your videos

  • Jaseplayz
    Jaseplayz  +16

    I really liked this stream keep up the good job

  • rohanna miller

    I loved the stream it was so hilarious 😂 Not that long ago you said you wanted to be in one of fortnite songs so you should make your own song if they let you sing a song 😍 I 'd buy it and equip it! Your so inspirational tg

  • RichHomieQuinn

    This update is FIREEEEEE so much content for the rest of the season

  • Thor_Odinson

    I dunno if it’s a bug but you can do both of the ability’s (cloud + beam) whilst gliding, like if you hit a bounce pad and someone’s on a team mate or something you can do it instantly in the air

  • Gamers Worldz


  • Liam does everything

    Tg I love your streams I love your tg plays channel keep up the good work

  • Truman Richards

    Hi tg keep up the good work

  • Trap God

    You was talking about mythics and it made me think, would the lightsabre be OP against the Kame Hames?

  • Austin V

    I'm ready for the new season stream!!!!!!

  • Alice Fierce

    Keep up the grind

  • LeBron Fricking James

    Who else likes tg coffee streams over non coffee 😂?

  • _itzyaJake_

    Love your content

  • Hannah Long

    Best stream ever

  • Poxxie 22

    I love that you still play builds because a lot of people I watch/watched switched to no builds.

  • Yunus
    Yunus  +6

    Love the content

  • Yunus

    That was a sick stream