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Spider Man: Miles Morales PS5 Gameplay Walkthrough, Part 1!

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  • 게시일 2020. 11. 12.
  • New Spider-Man: Miles Morales PS5 gameplay walkthrough part 1 with Typical Gamer!
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댓글 • 4 761

  • Michael Konadu
    Michael Konadu 년 전 +2

    Conspiracy theory: Andre is actually Spider-Man but he’s the Canadian version

  • K1ng_Krypto
    K1ng_Krypto 년 전 +50

    I have never been a fan of superheroes, or played any DC or Marvel games, , but I gotta say, the gameplay while he's fighting enemies its so sick!!!

  • Clayton Oakes
    Clayton Oakes 년 전 +34

    Spider-Man into the spider-verse was such an amazing movie. Definitely one of my favorite Spider-Man movies to date💯

  • James Finlay

    I LOVED the spider man with Peter Parker but as soon as this one came out and he was doing it I was SO happy 😁

  • Nicholas Lona
    Nicholas Lona 년 전 +18

    Love ur streams tg keep up the good work :)

  • Kevin Plays
    Kevin Plays 년 전 +46

    this game looks amazing! Cant wait for part 2!

  • EdStew Vidz

    TG, you are hilarious!! I died laughing when I saw your reactions to the frogs!!!

  • Harry Cheng
    Harry Cheng 년 전 +27

    This Is Why I Love Typical Gamer When I’m Sad Or Feelling Down I Watch His Videos And Livestreams.

  • Sniper killerYT
    Sniper killerYT 년 전 +13

    The ps5 is the next generation of gaming! it looks insane TG, 4K 30-60fps omg can’t wait to play Spider-Man I’m going to love the game. It has tray tracing that says a lot for the ps5 the scenes are so realistic it feels like a movie. Andre is the best spider man there will ever will see Andre in this stream it had some very funny entertaining moments. TG your an exceptional gamer that’s has an awesome personality and friendly your a cool friend :)

  • Nik Lopez
    Nik Lopez 년 전 +20

    Typical gamer is so inspiring to me he’s the reason I want to be a content creator I’ve been watching for 7 years wish it was 10 but still he’s always positive has great streams great vibes and it honestly makes my day when I watch him he just the actual best man

  • Deku
    Deku  +11


  • Mapp
    Mapp 년 전 +12

    I love how miles just shouts Pete’s name 24/7 all around the city and his enemies.

  • Private1

    Tobey:struggles to stop a train

  • Eric Samples
    Eric Samples 년 전 +29

    a lot of people dont like Miles’ original suit, but I’m with TG. It just brings back nastalgia of Spider Man Into the Spider Verse. I love it. 😊

  • Fabio Maynard-Williams

    Some things you might not know about Miles he has the ability to create a shock with his hands and he can also turn invisible

  • i like trains
    i like trains 년 전 +3

    Just going to set a time stamp for the final battle with Rhino because it's my favorite part

  • Robert Stuhlman

    I like how miles moves he has kinda choppy movements while Peter moved really smoothly.

  • Evan Nichols
    Evan Nichols 년 전 +3

    The energy you had made my day.

  • Eren Jaeger

    You can press triangle to do a web strike takedown while in stealth mode, and you need to press R3 to check if they're safe or not...

    ANONYMOUS 년 전 +6

    Feels so good to watch u play 😊