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GTA 5 - All 50 Spaceship Parts Location Guide (GTA V)

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  • 게시일 2013. 09. 21.
  • Guide on where to find all collectible 50 Spaceship Parts locations to unlock a secret vehicle in GTA 5! Thanks for watching! Enjoy the video? Hit the Like button and comment, I read them! :)
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댓글 • 16 205

  • Zachary Ward
    Zachary Ward 5 년 전 +4

    Imagine collecting these without these vids

  • coddrew
    coddrew 년 전 +702

    7 years and this mans is still helping out.

  • Adam Underhay
    Adam Underhay 2 년 전 +243

    If anyone is struggling with part 46, there's a parachuting challenge nearby which you can use to land on the bridge support. It will say jump failed and just exit, dont restart. Then simply run to collect the spaceship part.

  • Houch Pouch
    Houch Pouch 년 전 +150

    Eight years later and I finally got bored enough from playing GTA online that I finally went back to story mode and grind this out. Thank you for being valid.

  • Gambrinous
    Gambrinous 2 년 전 +280

    For number 46, use the buzzard attack chopper; it's small enough to land between the vertical columns without hitting them and blowing up as a result (tried with the Frogger a few times and the blades are too wide for it to land without exploding). Much easier than trying to parachute your way to the part. Be sure to quicksave before you try to land if you're not great at controlling a helicopter.

  • Xanman Dan

    Do this in a helicopter! Good vid for information. However, you should organize the pick up order by location. It was extremely frustrating having to go back and forth all over the map, even in a helicopter. You can easily sort these out so that all 50 can be picked up as efficiently as possible, picking up every single one nearby before moving to another location. Also maybe include a vid where you can pick up the Letter Scraps at the same time for Max efficiency? Again, good vid tho. Much easier than searching for them all!

    DIBBES GAMING 6 년 전 +1

    For the next UFO part you must go to ....( pause video) ..fly to spot (turn video back on) ..Repeat 50 times :)

  • Jonathan Beaty
    Jonathan Beaty 년 전 +109

    What an incredibly useful guide. Finding these on my own would have been impossible with my schedule. Thank you so much!

  • OblivionGate
    OblivionGate 년 전 +89

    Although wildly out of order this is the best guide on KRclip, your location shows it zooming in and out and your video of the actual place is short and precise.

  • gpage
    gpage 14 일 전 +1

    Thank you for creating and editing this nice video, really helped out! Love the fact all the players can access that weird buggy from any of their purchased garages.

  • Billy Bones
    Billy Bones 년 전 +503

    I like how he says, “This one is just north of where you are”.

  • Sofia Madvali

    For those who's stuck at 46 (the bridge one) and it's hard to get through with a helicopter, you can steal a truck from Davis Quartz and put it between pillars to climb

  • big smoke
    big smoke 5 년 전 +4

    Who else spent hours doing this and half of the hours was just waitin on the taxi bc I'm to lazy to drive to all these places

    TEAM RΩCKET 2 년 전 +12

    For anyone looking for #39... from the map POV use the crosshairs on the pointer to try and lineup exactly where he's talking about

  • Alif Hakeem
    Alif Hakeem 2 년 전 +47

    Don’t worry, if you lost that “cool” car or didn’t parked it anywhere safe u can still access it via grove st garage. Just enter the garage and walk around a bit until it tells you to “press > for special vehicles”

  • dfire351

    Actually it doesn't matter what happens to the Space Docker. In fact you don't even have to drive it to a garage. It will still become selectable in all 3 characters' garages. Also at a certain point of the game, maybe the first Dom parachuting mission, you will have parachutes to jump off buildings. However, I would still use the helicopter anyway. And you can land a helicopter on the lower bridge supports where you collect one of the parts, though with a bit of difficulty. It works for sure with the Buzzard.

  • Turk Perry
    Turk Perry 2 년 전 +2

    Thank you for showing all of these locations. I've found spawning a helicopter and landing somewhat close is faster. A few of the locations you might want to activate the invincibility cheat code. It only lasts 5 minutes, but its better than dying and having to figure out where to go afterwards. I have also used the super jump cheat code. I can jump from some of those high places and not worry about dying either. If you want to know the codes just ask and I will post them.

  • Dark Jedi
    Dark Jedi 21 일 전 +1

    Of course, I would have a hard time getting some of the parts and some would take longer if it wasn’t for the super jump and skyfall. Thank you for this video! Also, you can access the vehicle in the garage. I actually had two.

  • Carter Kruse
    Carter Kruse 2 년 전 +397

    Spaceship part 16 is the hardest to get

  • Oluwa Aduke
    Oluwa Aduke 년 전 +6

    Almost perfect guide! Thanks for your hard work. For #46, you’re FAR better off making a quick save whilst in the air and just landing the helicopter between the beams. You’ll save yourself a TON of time and deaths 👍🏽